As a non-profit, ARISE is unique in that it is impacting change in Haiti through providing structured and goal-focused mentoring that is overseen by our certified Haitian mentors. We believe that change in Haiti must come from Haitians, making our grass-roots approach critical and revolutionary. As our mentees graduate from the 12 week curriculum, they enter their community equipped with powerful habits for life success, a vision for their future, and goals that are broken down into obtainable benchmarks. 

Utilizing the ripple-effect of the measurable success of those enrolled in our program, ARISE has expanded into over 25 active mentor groups around the country and work with youth in their own community. 


Sharla Kjar Sintyl

Co. Founder

Stacey G. Macey

Graphic Designer 


Executive Director

in Haiti

Williamson Sintyl

CEO & Founder

Jaimilyn Anderton

Events Manager



Chief Operations Officer

Jeremy Macey

Curriculum Expert


Director of Outreach 


Eric Kandel

Alpine, UT 

François Synal

Saratoga Spring, UT

Sharla K. Sintyl

Bountiful, UT 

Ryan Anderton

Logan, UT 

Michael Robison

Franklin, Tennessee


Manno Beats was born on the 1st of October 1991 to a Haitian mother and a Chad-Haitian father in the city of Cap-Haitien. He is a singer, songwriter,beat-maker and an entrepreneur. Manno Beats is known as a young, hyperactive artist.


Mr. Emmanuel Pierre (MANNO BEATS) first supported our Founder Williamson Sintyl during his journey working with Kevin Hart for the Marsshot competition. He was one of the great supporters in Haiti who used his platform to encourage people to vote and follow our work in Haiti. Since then he has become one of our great friends. He met with our team over zoom several times and we started connecting with him on a deeper level.

Manno Beats is considered to be one of the best and most influential stars of his generation. On August 23th, 2020, Mr. Emmanuel Pierre (Manno beats) was appointed to be an ARISE Project For humanity Ambassador.

Manno Beats


Baptista Lugendy St-Hubert a.k.a. BAKY (born on May 6, 1991) 29 years young is a Haitian rapper, best known on the Rap Kreyol stage under his artist name “Baky“. Originally from the South of Haiti, the more precisely from the city of Les Cayes, Haiti. Baky was raised in a musical family that bequeathed to the sense of rhythm.

Endowed with a flow of an exceptional technique, Baky quickly finds himself on major projects. Thus, after his first steps in the Rap, “Paskem Se Ayisyen” on which he will leave his imprint. His first song was written in a very special circumstance. Baky wanted to pursue his education in the Dominican Republic after he graduates from High School. After hearing about the living conditions of some Haitians (see their brutal death) there, his mother worried, gave an end to not receive his request. Baky felt himself filled with feelings of extreme anger and frustration that he channeled on paper.

Baky Popilè