Whether you’ve been a part of this community from the start, or you’re just getting started, you belong here. With your support, we can build a place for these youth to learn the principles that will change their life, their community and help them become Self Reliant. 


With you, we will inspire and empower people to change their world.

We focus on solving problems, not taking sides. We strive to collaborate, not to compete. We win when ordinary citizens understand the impact every individual can make in a community, regardless of who they are or what they believe. For us, there is victory in civic engagement that goes beyond border, party, or pride.

12 Weeks



As our mentees graduate from the 12 week curriculum, they enter their community equipped with powerful habits for life success, a vision for their future, and goals that are broken down into obtainable benchmarks. 

ARISE Project For Humanity gives young people the encouragement and tools to think of themselves, not just now, but to focus on their future selves. We charge our teens to redirect their focus on their dreams and aspirations to set them on the path of fulfilling their purpose. 


All activities, lessons, discussions, and challenges are designed to inspire, motivate, and push our students toward a PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE. Young people engage with mentors and other young their age in a positive environment. They are surrounded with mentors that truly care. We have Haitians mentoring Haitians so that the power can come within it's own country.

Building the First Mentoring Center in The Caribbean

This year, we’re building our first Mentoring Center in the Caribbean. We’re asking you to #donate to help build the

ARISE Mentoring Center in Haiti



This Mentoring Center will have a huge impact not just only the community but for the people of Haiti. The power this Mentoring Center will have is to provide education for the youth, provide job opportunities for the citizens in the community, and reduce poverty.


As the youth participates in this mentoring program they gain many helpful tools to improve the better quality of life.

Funding Community Projects

You’re supporting a worthy cause that will help transform the future for a million people in rural Haiti but most importantly providing jobs and opportunities for citizen in Haiti. 

Every year, we partner with local organizations to help fund over 50 community projects in communities where we work in Haiti. 


And we truly can’t thank you enough.

In one of the harshest places on Earth, in one of the hardest years in history, you proved that nothing could stand in the way of generosity. We are deeply humbled by your unshakable commitment to helping others. On behalf of our local partners and the communities that will be served in Haiti,


thank you!



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We would love to hear from you! Our team can be reached via email at: arise.projectforhumanity@gmail.com

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