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If you dare to dream, you must be brave enough to stand and fight.

The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti has been devastated by natural disasters. In 2010, Haiti suffered a 7.3 magnitude earthquake – a catastrophe that took more than 230,000 lives, destroyed 400,000 homes and damaged 5,000 schools. Then, in 2016, Hurricane Matthew caused 546 deaths, displaced 175,500 people and left 1.4 million Haitians in need of humanitarian assistance. Since 2015, ARISE Project For Humanity was there – and is still helping with the recovery efforts through Mentoring – thanks to supporters like you.

This year, our goal is to build our first Mentoring Center in Haiti to inspire and empower the new generations of Haiti. Our Mentoring Program is designed to help young people discover their true PURPOSE. In doing so we tackle various areas our teens struggle with on a daily basis

Pedro and Williamson grew up together, in the same neighborhood. During our last trip to Haiti, Pedro has proved that the Haitians have the willingness to help make a difference in the island. Last month, Pedro reached out to Williamson through Facebook to congratulate him for the work his team is doing in Haiti. Since then, we have felt so inspired to start working with Pedro.

Working with Pedro has been a dream for us - something we've been praying for. While we were in Haiti working on the Mentoring Programs, Pedro dedicated his entire week to take us around. He spent a week with us without sleep, leaving his wife and his beautiful daughter to come help us with Mentoring Trainings, Conferences and working in the Mentoring Center. Not only that, Pedro has given his talents to support us... He redesigned our Logo, Created the flyer for the Benefit Gala this year, Created our Backdrop for our Mentoring Center in Les Cayes and more. His presence in our organization has made a huge difference.

You can be a hero for the children and families who turn to ARISE year-round for hope and healing.

Calling all our friends and family to join our 3rd Annual Benefit Gala, Tuesday, December 3rd, Heritage Gardens in Sandy, Utah. All proceeds from this night will go to help fund the construction of our Mentoring Center in Haiti. There are thousands of children across the nation waiting for a place to inspire them to take big actions in their life. YOU can be a hero for these loveable children. To find out more of how to donate, visit






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