Merisena CADEAU, A Young Girl From Cite Soleil

Merisena escaped her parents house when she was 9 because of abuse and then lived at a place called SAKALA where young people feel home and safe. She grew up in one of the most dangerous areas in Haiti called Cite Soleil. If you’ve seen the news about Haiti in the past, you probably know what we’re talking about when we say Cite Soleil.

Our founder Williamson Sintyl had a dream to contact SAKALA for a visit during his trips in Haiti last year. Even though he didn’t get any good luck from friends to visit that place, he ended up going to Cite Soleil during chaos to learn more about SAKALA and see if he can partner with them- and he did! During his visit, he was guided to learn more about this precious girl in the picture “Merisena Cadeau (meaning gift). He left that day with the confirmation to work with SAKALA and help Merisena and 200 hundreds other kids in a higher level with their needs. Later that month, we trained 5 new mentors in Cite Soleil who were able to join the mentoring program to mentor young people in the area like Merisena so that they can the principles that will change their mindset, create their life and impact their community.

While Merisena continued to learn her favorite game-chess, she never missed her meeting with her mentor to learn about the principles we teach in in the mentoring program.

Her love for #chess has grown and she began to have deep belief that she can become anything she dreamed - while staying at SAKALA. She then became a great player in the chess game and dedicated her life to learn more and train more, everyday.

SAKALA ended up signing her up for more chess competitions around the Caribbean and she continued to win those competitions with pride and confidence.

At age 11, she started playing chess outside of Haiti and won multiple competitions.

Merisena Cadeau is very gifted!

She is one of our mentees in the Mentoring Program still in Cite Soleil. She has qualified to go to Russia to represent Haiti for the Chess Tournament this year.

Merisena could have been trafficked, exploited or dead. Because of the principles she learned from the mentoring program in Haiti, she was able to transform her own life and choose to RISE.

We’re so grateful to join forces with SAKALA Haiti to help creating change makers across Haiti. We’re now sponsoring 200 kids in Cité Soleil that will join our mentoring program and a total of 22 active mentors in the area.

Merisena Cadeau is very gifted! She is one of our mentees in the Mentoring Program. She has qualified to go to Russia to represent Haiti for the Chess Tournament.

However, most of these schools are in deplorable conditions and are not fit for learning. The government has to up its game. Nevertheless, Haitian parents should make use of these free facilities to the extent that they are useful and young people should milk these institutions for every drop of knowledge they can get out of it. People should keep looking into creating more free educational institutions for our youth.

Societies, families, individuals should be sensitized on the ills of girl child illiteracy especially in southern Haiti and we should collectively take steps towards alleviating this oddity to the barest minimum. Remember the saying, “When you educate a boy, you educate one person. When you educate a girl, you educate a family- and a whole nation”…

Join us today to help continue our efforts to mentoring youth in Haiti to RISE and become the maker of their own destiny.

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