I Knew I Must Do Something In Haiti

« Ideas don't come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. 5 years ago, I had that strong impression that I needed to do something to serve Haiti, but I didn’t know where to start. The more I went back to visit my country, the more I realized that I need to do something. I just had to get started.‬ ‪If I had to know everything about Mentoring before I began, I never would have built ARISE Project For Humanity».- Williamson Sintyl

The earthquake had changed my whole perspective on life. Why was I the only one from my school who left early and survived? Why was I one of the only people from the orphanage who survived? Why did God spare my life? What was my calling in life that I needed to fulfill? How was I going to keep the promise I made to God when I told Him I would serve Him if He saved my life?

When I return to the U.S. from my mission trip, I saw so many opportunities. I knew I had to do something for my country. I started a non-profit called ARISE Project for Humanity. I want to empower new generations, especially in Haiti, to believe that, despite the tough times, there is always hope and that we can create what we need to be successful. My dream is to see Haiti become an example standing on its own to prove that we can all make a difference. We all have something to do, something to give, and something to create.

We see mentorship as a competitive advantage, a great way to accelerate the development of future leaders in Haiti and other countries.  The importance of mentors cannot be overstated. A good mentor inspires you, stretches you, connects you, and opens your mind to new things. Mentoring provides a safe space to learn, experiment, ask questions — any questions, regardless of how seemingly stupid they may be — and offers a vital sounding board. In the corporate world, mentoring increases knowledge retention and individual’s engagement. I personally have a mentor, and I will never be where I’m at if I didn’t have someone to show me the way and help me to see greatness within me that I couldn’t see on my own.

Our Mentoring Program is designed to help young people discover their true PURPOSE.

In doing so, we tackle various areas our teens struggle with on a daily basis:

All activities, lessons, discussions, and challenges are designed to inspire, motivate, and push our students toward a PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE. Young people engage with mentors and other young people their age in a positive environment. They are surrounded by mentors that genuinely care. We have Haitians mentoring Haitians so that the power can come within its own country. 

From a young age, I knew I wanted to do humanitarian work in my own country. I grew up seeing my mom and dad doing all they could in their own communities with the limited resources they had.  On my LDS mission, I also learned how to lead other young adults and do it in an efficient and Christ-like way. 

Because we want to see a Haiti where young people are stepping up to be the leaders that Haiti needs tomorrow. We want so badly for them to know that they are magnificent, capable, and enough.

Through the mentoring program, we hope to inspire the youth to change their mindsets ― even if only a few of them― so that they can believe these things and then go and improve their community. From then on, we will have success. 

In five years, we would love to have our mentoring center up and running, and thousands of youth participated in our program. Through the center, we want to provide young people with other educational opportunities as well.  The possibilities are endless if we keep growing at the same rate.


Our mentoring program is progressing in Haiti. We’re now building our first Mentoring Center in Haiti. A place for these youth to learn the principles that will help change their mindset, create their life, and impact their community. We are so grateful for all our families and friends who have done so much for us and how they have been assisting in making the program a reality. We see hearts and lives changing, and we couldn’t be happier!

Today we have Mentoring Program in many different cities, including :

- Port-au-Prince - Petion-Ville - Canapevert - La Plaine - Cite Soleil

- Carrefour - Leogane - Jacmel - Gonaives - Saint Marc - Deschapelles

- Les Cayes - Cap Haitian - Tomonde - Delmas - Aeroport - Croix Des Missions

- Fontamara And more.

We just started into our 4th session of the Mentoring Program and now we have over 30 Mentors and more than 300 participants (Mentees) in Haiti.






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