Updated: Oct 12, 2019

A lot of people have reached out to me for the past couple weeks about Haiti’s current situation, gas problems, riots and civil unrest. Many are inquiring if we're I'm working in Haiti and building a Mentoring Center in such a country. The answer is YES - but people are missing the point. Haiti is not the first country that this has happened to and those things don't define Haitians. They’re revolting against misery, corruptions, lack of support for the locals, and for their rights to live as human. I encourage friends and family to continue to support the work, to come to Haiti with us, to stand for Haiti.

If we are going to move HAITI forward, we need to maintain confidence in the country and believe even during times of crisis that change is possible and that the Mentoring Program can prepare a strong generation to rise and create the kind of Haiti we all want to see tomorrow. And yes, this is not the first time Haiti has been on fire like this and this is not the first country either. In the Mentoring Program, we teach our youth that when life gets them down, they must get back up and keep going on their right path because they are the maker of their own destiny. We see Haiti in every single youth in the mentoring program and we believe in this people more than ever before.

Last month, during my trip with two of my dear friends from Utah who are part of our organization ARISE PROJECT FOR HUMANITY, we witnessed every single thing you would never want to see in Haiti. I mean all the riots, fire, gas problems, gun shootings, burning businesses and that didn't stop us from doing what we supposed to do, like training new mentors, meeting with lawyers to get the paper signed for the Mentoring Center and more... We’re now building the first Mentoring Center in the Caribbean and we have more goals for 2020 that we are working on and we won’t stop!

I’m not naive or stupid. I’m just passionate and committed. This is where I’m from and creole is still being taught in my home like I was in Haiti. I believe in Haiti and I believe that Haitians are capable to change this country and this change must start within them.


Don’t worry, Haiti will RISE ABOVE ALL!

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