Giving Tuesday / Supporting Haiti through tough times

Take a look at the courage behind community impact. These youth are some of the mentees who made it to the Graduation in the Mentoring Program this month. Through their hard work, they’ve lifted up their voices to be more engaged and driven to make a difference in their community. As our mentees graduate from the 12 week curriculum, they enter their community equipped with powerful habits for life success, a vision for their future, and goals that are broken down into obtainable benchmarks.

These amazing young people just graduated from the Mentoring Program in Leogane last week. Their drive to make a difference in Haiti is leading them to become mentors. Bianca, a mentee said, “The knowledge I received from the Mentoring Program has changed the way I see myself, and I started to discover so many things about myself that I didn’t know before.” Another mentee decided to pursue her passion to become a podcaster in a popular radio in her town. We’re working with her to make that happen. Two of them are ready to join an English school where they will be able to learn a new language that will allow them to open many doors in the future.

When we first started in 2016 with the Mentoring Program- with only 5 Mentors and 25 Mentees. Today we have 25 Mentoring Programs and 27 Mentors in Haiti. 165 more Mentors are ready to join the movement.

Here’s a little update on our trip in April 2019 and how our Mentoring Program is progressing. We are so grateful for all you have done for us and how you have helped us help these wonderful people. We see hearts and lives changing and we couldn’t be more happy! and we invite anyone new to the cause to join us, because #TogetherWeAreStronger#TogetherWeAreStronger!

"People are changing the world in extraordinary ways - and so can you." - Sharla Kjar Sintyl

Even the smallest monthly donation can make a difference in this movement.

That's a wrap for our 2019 Mentoring Program! Congratulations to all our mentors and mentees. Here are some of the sharing from our Chair and Mentoring Program Leader:

"We had a great Mentoring Graduation! It was really gratifying to hear the stories of growth, friendship and journey of self-discovery from the mentor-mentee pairs. The mentors really reflected what we stand for to CHANGE, CREATE, IMPACT!"

Sabine - Program Leader

“Growing up in Haiti, I knew I must be alive for some reasons. I felt I was given a lot and by being part of ARISE, I knew I needed to give back a lot and try to make a difference.” - Gecy Sissy Saint Preux

Help us build a Mentoring Center in Haiti. We need VISIONARY people who believe that Haitians are capable of change.

You can help provide a place to equip them with the mindset and leadership skills they need to move from the consumer mindset to being creators. Let’s create the next generation of leaders to help transform #Haiti#Haiti.

This year, our main goal is to build the first Mentoring Center in Haiti, A place for these youth to work and band together, to get trained on how to make real difference in their own community. We need about $150,000 to get the Mentoring Center started. We need you to join us. Let’s create the kind of leaders we all would like to see in Haiti.

Ways you can donate:

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