CEDEL HAITI : New Partner of ARISE In Haiti

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Almost 2 years ago, we learned about CEDEL HAITI, a social enterprise that promotes the development of entrepreneurial spirit in Haiti.

The idea to create CEDEL HAITI came from the observation made by our dear friend Rock Andre and some of his friends / colleagues of the various kinds of difficulties faced by Haitian micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs). They were also attracted by the many challenges faced by aspiring entrepreneurs to get started in entrepreneurship.

CEDEL Haiti was thus created to be the instrument which enables entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their dreams.

Today, they’re now officially our partner in Haiti. Together with the mentoring program, we will continue to empower the youth in Haiti to change their mindset, create their life and impact their community.

We’re so excited to join forces with CEDEL Haiti to help make concrete change in Haiti.

′′ I've seen all the great work CEDEL Haiti is doing in Haiti and I feel connected with the idea of inspiring the Haitian youth, giving them principles and teaching that can help them create their own lives, their own business."

Williamson Sintyl

CEDEL HAITI is a social enterprise that supports entrepreneurs to help them build the capacity of their businesses. At the same time, CEDEL HAITI works with young people and professionals to help them develop their entrepreneurial spirit and create businesses. Small Business Consultations For our consulting services, they work with entrepreneurs to help them: Set up an accounting system Develop strategic plans Build operational plans Develop marketing plans Develop business plans Prepare grant proposals Training For our training services, CEDEL HAITI has two categories of clients: institutions and individual clients. For institutions, they work with their employees and train them on how to prepare financial statements, develop guerrilla marketing, build a business model, mobilize resources, build and lead a team to achieve better results. At the request of their customers, they can also develop specific modules that meet their needs.

For individuals, we train them on the decision-making process, creativity and innovation, the entrepreneurial mindset, recognition of opportunity, resource mobilization, risk mitigation, etc. Conferences-debates La conference-debate series is an event where business leaders and leaders talk and share their experiences. In recent years, several international personalities have visited Haiti. Some, like former US President Bill Clinton, are playing an active role in the reconstruction process in Haiti. CEDEL HAITI will invite leaders of the caliber of Bill Clinton or entrepreneurs from remote corners of Haiti to talk about their experiences in Entrepreneurship and Leadership and to share their advice on failure and success with young people Haitians. Mentoring Program The Mentoring Program will primarily target high school graduates and university students. CEDEL HAITI will recruit young people in Haitian secondary schools or universities, who show high potential in leadership, will support them with coaching, advice and support them in their initiatives to make a difference in their schools or elsewhere. The program will be designed in partnership with Oklahoma State University, which has already established a mentoring program with East Central High School.

Office: 20, rue Fougère Delmas 73, Haiti

Call us: +509 47 12 3599 / +1 801 498 0201

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