Canada is Welcoming The Mentoring Program Among The Youth.

Meet Beaverly Milord, our Mentoring Program Director in Canada.

Beaverly Milord is a social educator, youth worker and Mentor. She holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Quisqueya University in Haiti, where she served as a Mentor and as a delegate of the Faculty of Education at the High University Council.

She's completing her studies to obtain a master's degree in Leadership, educational policies, and program evaluations at the University of Ottawa in Canada.

She showed interest in people with learning disabilities and is a specialist in the development process of children and adolescents, by developing educational programs and projects that provide them with resources and experiences to become productive and consistent adults. Her experiences as a specialist facilitator and animator for children with special needs in Haiti and Canada have allowed her to develop good discipline and a great sense of responsibility. She`s incredibly open to acquiring more skills in diverse environments.

Beaverly believes that each child or adolescent should have the opportunity to evolve in a fulfilling environment, which can condition their future as a consecutive and responsible adult, by taking advantage of enriching life experiences through specialized programs capable of contributing to their development. socio-emotional, cognitive, and moral. She believes that education is a great and essential tool that enables young people to reach their full potential and be the bully of their future.

Beaverly was born in Port-au-Prince, to a psychologist and educator mother and a sociologist and educator father. She is the eldest and the only daughter of a family of 3 biological children, moreover, her parents have a high number of children, some of whom have grown up or moved to their family home. The careers of her parents quickly fascinated her and led her to set her sights on the field of education, which she considers to be her greatest passion. Former beneficiary of Compassion International, an organization whose interventions focus on development in all relevant aspects of children's lives until they become adults, she says through this program to have been mentored all her life, and is aware of the positive impact that mentoring can have on the life of any young person. So, she deduces imperative to be able to transmit, what she has received.

Beaverly wants to be a defender for the respect of the fundamental rights of children and adolescents because according to her, everything goes through them, they are the basis of the construction of this egalitarian society which we currently advocate. It is to intervene in communities, in order to protect children and young people against all forms of negligence, which can be obstacles to their future in order to ensure their well-being and strengthen the capacities of families and the environment in which they live.

We are so excited to join forces with Beaverly to help empower young people in Canada.

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