An Arise Mentor Now A Freshman At University Of Utah.

How having a vision shaped the course of the life of Roody Jean Georges by being the first Haitian international student admitted to the University of Utah.

A lot of things are difficult to do in this life, but if you're willing to do what it takes, everything is possible. Meet Roody Jean Georges who is 21 years old and is studying Industrial Engineering. Roody is a mentor in our Mentoring Program in Haiti. Roody just got admitted as a student at the University of Utah. He attended new student orientation and will be starting classes for the fall semester. He is the first Haitian international student to be admitted to the University of Utah.

Roody shares his experiences when he first met Williamson in Cite Soleil when Williamson was speaking to a group of youth. He remembered when Williamson shared his story about when he first moved to Utah without anything but with a vision. Roody felt something inside of him saying to himself that “One day you will where he is at and just keep believing!” After that experience, Roody contacted his aunt in the United States and shared with her Williamson’s story and told her he would be there one day. His aunt asked him how is he going to make that happen? He recalls telling her “Everything is possible for those who believe.” Two months later after the phone conversation with his aunt he contacted her again asking for help pay for his application fee for the University of Utah. His aunt was glad to pay the fee and he then applied and sent in his application. The application process required to write a letter of intent and he was able to share about his personal background, vision, and dreams. After completing the application and submitting it for review he felt a confirmation that he would be accepted to this university.

One of the Roody's favorite principles as a mentor is the power of having a vision board that Williamson shared with his group in the 12-week mentoring program. Roody recalls as a mentor he was able to not only share this principle but applied it in his life. He then created his own personal vision board and added a picture of a black man in front of the University of Utah. Roody started reciting his affirmations every day and looked at his vision board daily. A few months later, his aunt received an email about his acceptance letter and it described the options the university had for him to be admitted as an international student and the process to get him there.

Roody said “I always believe the bridge between reality and a dream is work. I’ve always known that what we teach in Haiti is key to success and like I’ve always said, if they apply these principles, they can accomplish anything in life. I’m very grateful for everyone who worked with me closely and supported me to make this happen!”

“Success is a Team-sport! Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality. As the world know Cite Soleil used to be the most dangerous place in the Caribbean and for this guy to come from Cite Soleil to become a freshman student at the University Of Utah is a prove that not only the Mentoring Program is the key to better Haiti tomorrow but most importantly a sigh to everyone that if they believe in themselves, anything is possible.” - Williamson Sintyl, CEO & Founder Of ARISE Project For Humanity

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