A Must Supporting Cause For Those Looking To Support Haiti

''ARISE Project For Humanity, what they are doing is also a preventative measure. When children are being educated, when they have structure in their lives they are less likely to be taken by bad guys. It is that kind of infrastructure that protects children. It is a very big deal to us that groups like ARISE exist because it directly helps our efforts to build nations and keep children safe.'' 

 - Tim Ballard

CEO & Founder of Operation Underground Railroad 

2 years ago, ARISE Project for Humanity and started joining efforts in assisting more youth in Haiti. At that time, Tim Ballard, CEO & Founder of Operation Underground Railroad, was working as a special agent in the U.S. government when he came across a news story about a missing boy named Gardy. 

Gardy was kidnapped from his church in Haiti when he was just 5 years old. As Tim read more about the story, he was surprised to find out Gardy was born in Utah, not Haiti, where he was abducted. Thanks to his position, Tim could reach out Gardy's dad through Guesno, a common friend of theirs.

Before Tim could leave for Haiti, he had to overcome several obstacles. He learned that Gardy’s case was out of his jurisdiction and was fully placed in the Haitian police’s hands. Even after learning it would be impossible for Tim, as a U.S. government agent, to find Gardy, he couldn’t get the case out of his mind. Tim then made a promise that he would do whatever he could to find Gardy. This promise, among other events in his life, inspired him to create and found Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.). 

The doors to support governments all over the world in rescuing lost and exploited children and finding Gardy, opened up to Tim by having O.U.R. as an NGO. 

Upwards of 6 million people live in poverty in Haiti, representing 60 percent of the entire country. With so many people living in vulnerable situations, many children are at high risk for trafficking. While searching for Gardy, a child who was forced into that world, Tim found two children who would one day become a part of his.

In July 2018, during a Benefit Concert to support our Mentoring Program in Haiti, hosted by ARISE Project For Humanity, Tim and his team decided to match all the donations made from that fundraiser to support ARISE. We raised over $11,000 from that night. Tim and Williamson started working more and more together and took trips to Haiti to serve the people there. We're so grateful to join forces with Operation Underground Railroad to help Mentoring Youth in Haiti.

“The responsibility for good government lies not just with governments themselves but also with every other part of the system they operate in, including media, non-governmental organisations and the public.” - Geoff Mulgan

The Transitions Program exists bridge the gap from Victim to Victor. The program trains and teaches young adults to be independent and autonomous in all aspects of life as a way of decreasing the prevalence of poverty in Haiti.  By raising responsible, hard working, and well educated adults we are preparing and educating the future of Haiti. We are providing principles and tools, mentor staff member who teach the participants all they need to know to become successful adults in their community.  

The youth in the Mentoring Program  WILL BE THE FUTURE LEADERS OF HAITI, and we believe they can be LEADERS. We see them being educated, valuable employees.We see them as teachers, doctors, lawyers. We see them as parents who will love and provide for their children.We see them as critical thinking community leaders who are raising the bar and making change. We see them as statistic-breakers, change-makers, and influencers. They will become these people, because people like you stepped up to support their development and growth through sponsorship. 

“I believe that Tim Ballard, his name will be remembered like other great names in the fight against humans slavery.” - Sean D. Reyes






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