A Bright Future For Haiti

After the results of Haiti's own Mueller report on corruption, the country is getting ready to have massive demonstrations to ask the President to step down and change the system. Things are shaky at the moment and no one knows what will happen after.

Today, this generation, the dozens of young leaders I met in Haiti have showed the world that they’re fighting for real change! For justice! For a better Haiti tomorrow!

I took this picture in Cité Soleil during a meeting with a group of young leaders. That area used to be the most unsafe place in the entire country... But let me tell you something about it today. Cité Soleil is now one of the most powerful place in Haiti - just to show you that Haiti is more than what people see on internet. All these wonderful changes can be possible because of the determination of these young leaders who are now building the largest Library called Konbit Bibliyotèk Site Solèy

Our organization ARISE Project For Humanity ​have been partnering with a lot of organizations in Haiti since 2015. Since the beginning, we focused on meeting the basic needs of the children. Our desire was not just to help them survive, but to THRIVE! And we knew that meeting these basic needs were the foundation for growing their personal and spiritual development.  

Early on, it became apparent that not only were food, shelter, and clothing needed for these kids, but positive, consistent role models. Youth have no hope or no one to look up to for an example of success. The children were missing the positive relationships that would provide critical elements needed to develop the growth of quality future leaders.  There is a need for consistent people who believe and encourage them in a community that cultivates passion and drive. 

For these young children to grow into influential leaders in the future, we knew we must develop this area. 

Our Mentorship Program is a part of our Transitions Program. By helping the children of Haiti develop positive relationship skills and social skills at an early age, it is laying the foundation of preparation for when they age out.

Mentors meet a few times a month with each other, to learn new skills, lessons and activities to do with their mentees. This program works with motivated, godly, Haitian men and women who are meeting with these children on a consistent basis. 

As we continue to develop this program to go deeper with each child, we plan to incorporate volunteer opportunities within their community, and community-wide mentorship clubs that will help pour into and empower youth all over Haiti. 

“The responsibility for good government lies not just with governments themselves but also with every other part of the system they operate in, including media, non-governmental organisations and the public.” - Geoff Mulgan

The Transitions Program exists bridge the gap from Victim to Victor. The program trains and teaches young adults to be independent and autonomous in all aspects of life as a way of decreasing the prevalence of poverty in Haiti.  By raising responsible, hard working, and well educated adults we are preparing and educating the future of Haiti. We are providing principles and tools, mentor staff member who teach the participants all they need to know to become successful adults in their community.  

The youth in the Mentoring Program  WILL BE THE FUTURE LEADERS OF HAITI, and we believe they can be LEADERS. We see them being educated, valuable employees.We see them as teachers, doctors, lawyers. We see them as parents who will love and provide for their children.We see them as critical thinking community leaders who are raising the bar and making change. We see them as statistic-breakers, change-makers, and influencers. They will become these people, because people like you stepped up to support their development and growth through sponsorship. 

I truly believe that the moment this country have a group of people in the government that can be trusted - Haiti will change!!! And this will happen one day

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