Empowering the youth to RISE through mentoring and to Create mentoring centers in Haiti with the ultimate goal of mentees becoming mentors. 





For the past 4 years, we have provided quality mentorships program to 4,000 + youth from 65 different areas with 225+ mentors in Haiti.   — most recently, Roobens Louis joined our mentoring program as a mentee 2 years ago. He was able to graduate from the program and receive a certificate- later that season, he applied to become a mentor so that he can share these principles to other youth in his community. 

Today, he's in charge of an entire region in the program that will give him the possibility to train over 60 mentors every season.

Our youth work so hard, so that we’ll renew their mentorships every semester up to their graduation date, meaning we’ve now funded more than 225 mentors. 100% of the money that people donate for our mentorship fund goes directly to our mentoring program and local partners and programming for the mentees. More than 60% of our funds support these mentorships.

We’ve got another program that will help fund young entrepreneurs in Haiti from the mentoring program, and that’s for our mentoring center chapters

Not only do we raise money to directly support the Mentoring Program, but we’re also giving them leadership training, and global awareness through a dynamic, cross-cultural curriculum that involves our Mentors and Mentees.

We have a world that’s just a little closer to reaching education equality.

The time for universal quality MENTORSHIP has come. It is overdue. And we are committed to raising millions dollars to continue the systemic, long-term change we are making, one YOUTH leader at a time.

Merisena only represents point one percent of how the thousands of dollars was spent in the past 4 years, but the $1,000 that funded her mentorship has made 100% of the difference in her life.


Merisena escaped her parents house when she was 9 because of abuse and then lived at a place called SAKALA where young people feel home and safe. She grew up in one of the most dangerous areas in Haiti called Cite Soleil. If you’ve seen the news about Haiti in the past, you probably know what we’re talking about when we say Cite Soleil.


Merisena has only 2 months left to go to Russia to pursue her mission and passion, a milestone she couldn’t afford to reach except for the generosity of our donors. Merisena's family leaves far away from her and she's living with a wonderful father who become her mentor — but that point one percent of  the thousands of dollars earmarked for her means that Merisena has a support system that will ensure she not only reaches her dream, but that she also excels beyond it.



We always knew 17-year-olds had the power to see the future as it should be.