My name is Williamson Sintyl. 

Five years ago I started an organization called ARISE Project For Humanity to give every single Haitian access to a mentor. As Haitians continue to fight and survive all kinds of challenges and obstacles, many of the areas we are working in are in enormous need of our mentorship program.


ARISE works with young leaders all over Haiti who are making concrete differences in their own community to help change the mindset, create sustainable life and impact communities through our mentoring program. The work we’ve been doing for years is exactly what Haiti needed right now in order to change one child, one life at a time. We need your help to make sure that young people discover more of their potential, to know that they truly can and will be the change of this country because they lack basic resources such as education, mentoring, and access to better opportunities.


As a member of our monthly giving community: Give To Inspire, you’ll join nearly a hundred people from all over the USA who are stepping up each and every month to provide these life-giving essentials for those in need in Haiti.

100% of every donation goes directly to the work on the ground in Haiti. 

With your contributions, we can go faster and build more mentoring programs around the country. 


I hope you might join us. 





It's Williamson's 27th birthday!!!

This year, our goal is to raise $27,000 USD and 100% of your donations from this virtual benefit concert will go directly to Haiti to support our Mentoring Center construction. 

When Williamson Sintyl was just sixteen years old, a massive earthquake hit his home island of Haiti. Williamson was trapped in a collapsed building for twenty seven hours before being rescued. He soon after found the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and became a member. He has since served a mission, moved to the United States in 2015 and started a family in 2016. He founded the Arise Project For Humanity to help Haitians have a brighter future. He believes that Haitians are capable to change Haiti and that the power is within them. 

To commemorate 10 years of the big earthquake in Haiti, to remember those who have gone before us, we partnered with Timballard from ourrescue and Rj_idos to make a documentary about the story of our founder Williamson Sintyl.
Williamson was buried for 27 hours in the rubbles after the earthquake hit in Haiti. The documentary is about how he has turned that tragedy into something meaningful – ARISE Project for Humanity.

Stay tuned to know more about what goes on in the organization. 





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